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Who We Are

Led by pain management doctors, pharmacologists, and organic chemists, Revive BioTech is an innovative research-driven company. At Revive BioTech, the focus is to develop pain relief products using hemp and other plant-based resources. The products are made with carefully selected ingredients that originate from distinguished hemp farms in Oregon. The research and development process follows three stages:

  • Products are researched, formulated, and lab-tested for safety, homogeneity, and shelf-stability.
  • The products are tested for efficacy through patient review studies.
  • Feedback is gathered to enhance and improve the formulations before product commercialization and distribution.

Revive BioTech has partnered with renowned public universities and companies in the U.S. and abroad to research and develop new products, formulations, and usage protocols in the world of recovery and wellness. The mission of Revive Biotech is to manufacture top quality products that are a result of solid research. Additionally, Revive Biotech ensures that the products do not only work effectively, but are also affordable to the consumer. The innovative ingredients, patented-technologies, and pharma-grade input material in our products allow for faster delivery and high bioavailability with a complete preservation of the minor cannabinoids (CBV, CBT, CBN, etc.) as well as terpenes such as (Eucalyptol, Limonene, Pinene, Cymene, Isopulegol, Y-terpinene, Caryophyllene). In addition to the U.S. market, Revive Biotech is present in several other countries around the world such as: Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, The United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and parts of Europe.

At Revive BioTech, it is nature’s goodness that is driven by experience, and validated by science.