Meet The Team

Dr Sli Aboulkacem

MA., MBA., PhD

Founder- Chief Executive Officer

  • Doctorate in Data,  Privacy Literacy, & Policy.
  • Finance chairman of Diversity Education Institute Non-profit.
  • Fulbright scholar appointed by the U.S. State Department Secretary of Education to  Sam Houston State University.
  • 12+ years of college professorship and scholarship.
  • Co-director of Revive Family Foundation Non-Profit.
  • Vice President of NorthSouth Contractors & Consultants Inc.

Dr Jeffrey L Pruski


Chief Strategy Officer & Medical Advisor

  • Co-owner and founder of 3R regenerative medicine facility.
  • CEO of Joint & Spine Center in Texas, Partner of Aspire Hospital.
  • CEO of Oregon Valley Organics Sustainable Hemp Solutions.
  • 30+ years of extensive experience in Manual & Regenerative Medicine.
  • Pioneer in Application of Regenerative Medicine and biologic stem-cell therapy for 12+ years.
  • Credentialed by McKenzie Institute to practice Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy.

Luke DeNuccio


Global Market Strategist

  • Founder & Owner of Luca Ventures.
  • Vice President & Co-owner of GVB Biopharma.
  • Co-founder of digital advertising powerhouse "Paradise Media".
  • Advisory Partner for Venture Capitalist Firm, "Atwood Consortium".
  • Co-director of Revive Family Foundation Non-Profit.
  • Advisory Partner of Venture Capitalist Firm, "Sweet Leaf Capital" and partner in its newest venture, "AVC".

Dr Edward Nash

MD. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 

Medical Advisor

  • A Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • Dr Nash started practicing in 2002, after completion of an internship in Internal Medicine, from the University of Texas-Houston.
  • Dr Nash received specialty training from the prestigious allied Baylor College of Medicine and University of Texas-Houston Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department.
  • Pioneer in the field of stem cell therapy and research.
  • Co-owner and founder of 3R regenerative Medicine therapy facility.

Dr Moe Semaoui


Organic & Molecular Chemist

  • Organic and analytical chemistry of plants and natural products
  • Sampling, extraction, and fractionation methods of natural complex mixtures.
  • Expertise in current chromatography methods of analysis of natural compounds
  • Research and Identification of new natural molecules from plant species for pharmaceutical use.
  • Conducting various biological tests of natural products.

David D. Drury

MPAS, PA-C, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician Assistant

Medical Advisor

  • U.S. military regenerative medicine and physician assistant
  • Member of the Society of Army Physician Assistants.
  • Completed extensive training with World Link Medical, A4M and Amen University with an emphasis on the applied science of total health optimization.
  • Completed numerous military medical courses with both combat and humanitarian deployments throughout Iraq, Eastern Europe, and Africa.
  • Co-founder and full-time clinic director for Regen Health & Wellness.
  • Co-founder of THE DASH IV while continuing his military service as a Physician Assistant in the Texas Army National Guard, assigned to Special Operations Detachment – Africa based out of Austin, Texas.

Nicole Foss


Member of Revive Education Initiative

  • Co-Founder and Vice President of Innovation and Research at NeXtraction Inc., a sustainable hemp biotech extraction company.
  • Co-Founder of Kriva, a science-based consumer wellness line.
  • Completed extensive training with World Link Medical, A4M and Amen University with an emphasis on the applied science of total health optimization.
  • American Cannabis Nurses Association Education Chair and 2020 Volunteer of the Year
  • Cannabis guest lecturer at numerous Higher Education institutions

Joseph Fanelli

Technical Advisor

  • U.S. representative for Lexaria Bioscience Corporation, managing both development, application, and manufacture of Lexaria’s patented technology for their Hemp Division.
  • Twenty plus years of C-Level and Executive management experience both domestically and internationally, having successfully grown and exited two companies.
  • A recognized iconic industry expert in the integration of bio-delivery technologies of cannabinoids into natural consumer products
  • Developed over forty unique, functional, and natural CBD products, for both human and pet use, that are currently being distributed in major retail outlets nationally.
  • Expert of manufacturing processes, packaging, distribution, supply chain and logistics, and has developed two proprietary inventory management and supply chain systems.
  • Serves on the board of CWI Consulting, and the Golden Gate Chapter of APICS/ASCM. He is senior advisor and consultant to three fast-growing CBD consumer product companies.

Dan Nero

B.S., Finance

Finance Advisor

  • President & Founder of Atwood Consortium.
  • President & Founder of CFP Fund-I.
  • Former Financial Operations manager at JP Morgan Chase and Bank of New York.
  • Former Mulit-senior positions at Hudson Valley Bank, HedgeWorks, Scion Capital, Colchis Capital & Yosemite Capital.
  • B.S., in Business Management.
  • Successfully completed the Chase Manhattan Bank’s highly sought-after commercial credit training program 1992.