Slept+ Gummies 25mg pure CBN


The Concept
Vegan + Gluten Free. 25 MG of CBN+ Organic Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Distilled Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, CBN Isolate, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavors, Natural Coloring.

The Slept+ gummies are powered with DehydratechTM Technology from Lexaria Bioscience. Clinical tests have shown that   DehydratechTM delivers 475% more CBD to the bloodstream after 15 minutes than conventional industry formulations.

The Feel
Slept+ gummies promote good quality night-rest. They also provide a better transition to daily activities without feeling inactive and sluggish. With Revive gummies, feel the goodness of sleep and the nice transition to a productive day.

Sweet and fruity, with a delightful natural flavor of either Strawberry or Watermelon. Vegan and perfectly chewy.

Revive Tip
1-2 gummies 30 mins before sleep.

Customer Reviews

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Revive Biotech Slept+

Since I've tried natural sleep aids in the past with no results, I was very skeptical that Revive Biotech Slept+ Gummies would be of any benefit to me. However, I have been pleasantly surprised that this product has helped me get a good night's sleep with no after effects in the morning. Over the counter sleep aids left me groggy in the morning, but Slept+ does not make me feel groggy at all. I have been using Slept+ for awhile now and the results are consistent.

Greg Labbe
Finally Sleeping Better!!!!

I was searching for a simple sleep supplement and Revive Biotech was recommended by my Primary Care Doctor. After being skeptical of CBD and Hemp products in general, these gummies have absolutely changed my perception. It offers relaxation, but no "high."
Now I keep the Slept+ Gummies in my nightly routine. Loving it so far. Totally recommend.